How it works

The quality of the relationship between the coacher and the client is essential for the success of the counseling. The best results are achieved when a solid empathetic connection is established between who gives support and who receive it: I trust my clients’ ability to feel the quality of this connection and to judge for themselves if I’m the right coach to embark on this journey together.

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During the introductory session, you will decide whether coaching is right for you and, if so, which program is the best for you.

Working with me you will clarify your focus, experience new perspectives and take action. I will guide and motivate you on your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual journey. I trust that together we will be able to train your being in its entirety, making use of the infinite source of resources hidden in you.

Coaching and therapy tailored just for you!

Questions and answers

It is essential to understand that through therapy we will gain more than just meetings with someone to talk freely. The chosen specialist analyses, takes notes and applies the methods best suited to your current challenge. The work will be intense and long-lasting, extending beyond the time spent in the online session. Precisely for this reason it is essential to be honest, genuine, natural and to overcome the fear of talking to a stranger, so that his approach is the most suitable for our needs.

Scientific studies show that talking to a stranger is often a therapeutic way to reveal ourselves and be honest, precisely because the person in question does not know us and therefore can analyze our situation objectively. Our purpose must remain alive in our minds: to achieve our goals, harmony and balance in the chapters of our lives.

Regardless of scientific studies and the opinion of a "stranger", be it a therapist or an acquaintance, from my point of view the ultimate goal is to put you in a position to connect at all times with your interiority and your components and to take the appropriate decisions. The experiences of your life are yours and only you know what is best for you at a given time.

What will we do together? I will guide you to reach, practice and maintain connection and coherence with all of your components.

Coaching is a process of unlocking a person's potential to maximize their performance. It is an art through which the coacher uses his mind and soul to facilitate the development of another person in various areas of life: health, emotional intelligence, family, finances and material possessions, career (work /study), hobbies and free time, personal and spiritual development, social life.

  • Here are some typical examples:
  • Transitional periods
  • Need to make important decisions
  • Shyness, low self-esteem
  • Ineffective communication; lack of assertiveness
  • Finding the motivation to complete activities
  • Time management; stress management
  • Methods of orientation on solutions in critical situations
  • Effective communication
  • Integration and re-adaptation in cases of change in the living environment
  • Mediation of couple and family conflicts, or within the professional and social context
  • Discover the direction of your life
  • Choose a suitable partner
  • Overcoming self-imposed limits; access to the person's strengths
  • Change the style of thought/action
  • Overcoming the existential impasse
  • Find your professional vocation
  •  Improve your performance

Yes! We are a single unit, not a collection of independent isolated parts. To unlock the connection between the parts and let what we desire flow, we must be internally aligned and tuning to the same frequency the interconnected parts we are composed of:  body-mind-soul-spirit (physical-mental-emotional-spiritual components). Thus we can practice the state of presence and create coherence between our components, minimizing the disconnect between them.

  • Saving of time
  • Shift focus from problems to solutions
  • Self-knowledge and increase in personal power
  • You become more structured, more focused on the present and on what you really want
  • Identify and eliminate limiting thought patterns
  • Access new perspectives
  • Allows you to be authentically yourself
  • Clarity in personal and professional choices
  • Discovery of new skills, inner awareness

We will start with an interview to identify current challenges, assess opportunities and set specific focused goals. We will set milestones where to start and where we want to get to (end goal) and measure progress from session to session.

During our coaching sessions, I listen to you and I don't judge you. We speak about what's most important; we reveal useful and less useful emotions and thoughts that accompany you to gain more clarity. Finally, you'll develop an action plan and, with your newfound momentum, we'll put it into action.

The focus will be set on a vision of success and a positive psychological attitude, we will work on current thought patterns and through different techniques you will see the situation from a new perspective. In between sessions, I may ask you to do a few activities designed to support you in increasing your goal implementation rate and to practice modified communications and actions. After implementation, we will also work on improvement. Most of the coaching work takes place outside the session and I will assist and motivate you as you go through it.

We will analyze what works and, as you implement the steps of the plan, we will celebrate and be grateful for each achievement.

Duration of the coaching relationship: between 3 and 12 sessions per objective.

  • Defines personal goals and successful projects.
  • Use the coaching process focused on new perspectives, on a positive attitude and confidence to achieve the goal; increase self-awareness and in relation to others.
  • He approaches a global thinking and focuses on solutions; apply the tools and concepts offered by the coach.
  • The coacher can make recommendations on healthy ways of acting and provide the client with information that is useful in his life context (e.g. on socialization methods, hobbies, thematic book suggestions, etc.), but the client assumes full responsibility of their decisions, actions and personal successes.
  • Learns and allows himself to have compassion for himself as he learns new things or goes through difficulties.
  • You are unwilling to be honest with yourself.
  • You expect the coacher to make decisions for you and dictate what you need to do.
  • You want success without making any effort in that direction (success is directly proportional to the amount of motivation and effort made).
  • You are not willing to invest time and energy.
  • You don't want to invest in yourself and allocate a budget to this process.
  • When you have a diagnosis of mental disorder affecting judgment, personality disorders, burn-out, schizophrenia, etc. or you are under psychiatric treatment.