Coaching and therapy tailored just for you!

Young Adults Life & Career Coach

You are love... health... positivity...   peace...   connection... balance... state of presence... creativity...   freedom... authenticity... Reason... intuition...
and MUCH MORE...

🔋 I support you to find the courage and ability to do what you want and enjoy the present life.

🎲 “Find out who you are and you can become whoever you want!” 

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Coaching and therapy tailored just for you!

Change your MINDSET, change your LIFE

Would you like to maximize your potential? Why wait years for your resources to emerge, when you can choose to discover and enhance them right now? You just need a little help and professional guidance. 


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Coaching and therapy tailored just for you!

Achievements of my clients

What are your goals? Let’s talk about it in a free online session.

Young Adults Life & Career Coach

Some of the people I am grateful to for their contributions in my life


"I have known Alina for many years. There is a big age difference between us, however our meeting bonded us and it developed into a sincere friendship. We met because of my MLM business. Alina approaches life with great maturity and positivity: in her presence I always feel a positive energy. I admire his power of adaptation, the ability to deal with the various situations that arise in everyone's life. She is unattached to the material things in life (which has led humanity down the wrong path) and I think she is a very healthy "seed" to help those around her develop a new vision of the future and life!"


"Alina asked me to talk about the state of presence, but I honestly didn't know what it was about. I think he proposed it to me precisely because he had seen something in me that I myself had never seen before. Alina made me understand that life is a continuous search, in which it’s not so much the result that counts as the path. Along the way we can stop and do what we love, and this sometimes makes us forget the goal... and that's okay. With Alina you 'breathe' freely, there are no judgments. Time stops and silences have deep meanings, yet you don't feel blocked: you continue to travel. I remember her as a positive, kind, curious, intelligent, affectionate person."


"For me you are an illumination that awakened me in many aspects of life: the most difficult to develop was self-esteem. You taught me how to conquer and apply it, building self-confidence and supporting me in making many decisions. This has all made a huge difference in my life and there are not enough words to thank you!"


"Alina is very intuitive and pushes exactly the right button; each session brings me new awareness."


"Alina is a soul who helped me open my heart, to let my light to spread and allow me to find myself vulnerable and authentic”

About me

Welcome! I am Alina, Therapist, Life and Career Coach.  I have worked and lived in five countries, having permanent contact with a multicultural environment and with different realities. Every morning I’m curious to find out what the new day will bring. At the end of each day I am grateful for the gifts of life, the experiences I received and the people who allowed me to enter in their lives.

About passions

Each of us has an inclination, a source of life-giving energy that comes from the depths of our being, and takes us back there. It is called passion. Continue reading

Young Adults Life & Career Coach

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If you want to improve the quality of your life, but you don’t know how, message me! I can support you with: choosing a career, increasing confidence and self-esteem, managing anxiety and shyness, overcoming an impasse, improving emotional capacity and much more.

Coaching and therapy tailored just for you!

How can we start….

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Holistic Life coaching

Do you want to discover your true potential?

I help you to find the courage to do that thing you really want to do, to rediscover and reinvent yourself, and connect with your inner resources.

I help you to clarify, monitor and achieve your goals. I will guide you to achieve connections and coherence with all of your parts, and to practice and maintain it.

Career coaching

Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions in our lives. What is the footprint that we would like to leave behind us?

What could you practice with passion, enthusiasm and motivation, so that those minimum six/eight hours a day dedicated to work do not a burden? 

If you have to make a professional choice, whether you’re a high school student and aren’t sure which courses or job to choose, or you’ve finished college and realize it’s not what you dreamed of, I can help you find your way.

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Resouce-focused Therapy

Do you want to find out how to defeat and overcome life’s challenges?

Awareness is simply a moment of  knowing and a primary factor of transformation. Whether you are dealing with various fears or low confidence/self-esteem, sleep problems, anxiety, or other blockages; whether you want more clarity or a new perspective, break the ice you have only to gain. Start now, have a free session.

Conversational therapy

Do you want to bring new awareness into your life?

Conversational therapy is a very powerful therapeutic process through which we heal open wounds or emotions blocks and through new awareness you give a new meaning to your life here and now

We can also explore options for a change or whether to keep a habit or not.

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The quality of the coacher-coachee relationship

The quality of the relationship between the coacher and the client is essential for the success of the counseling. The best results are achieved when a solid empathetic connection is established between who gives support and who receive it: I trust my clients’ ability to feel the quality of this connection and to judge for themselves if I’m the right coach to embark on this journey together. I am confident that I will attract the people with whom I am destined to work best and to whom I can add value in their lives.

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Be present be tuned

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