About me

Welcome! I am Alina, Life & Career Coach and therapist. I was born in 1983 in Transylvania. More than the sum of my studies, I consider myself the result of my experiences and I like to think of myself as a conscious explorer in the flow of life. I am a simple person, open minded, positive, sensitive, persevering and authentic. I have worked and lived in five countries, having permanent contact with a multicultural environment and with different realities. I am fluent in Romanian and Italian, good in English and Spanish, and I’m learning Finnish.  My values ​​advocate respect, love, authenticity and I am against any kind of discrimination.Today I help young people and adults of the world to overcome mental and emotional blocks, material or career difficulties; to connect with emotions and inner states and to discover and enhance one’s own resources, as well as to train the state of presence. I work with motivated young people and adults who are looking for new perspectives and want to take care of the nature of their lives and rediscover coherence between rational and emotional!

More about me...

I’ve been through fire and rain, from my parents’ divorce when I was only six years old, to food shortages, to mine and my sister’s health struggles. Affective losses, material and emotional challenges. I struggled with complex fears and anger, helplessness, sadness. These have been long and difficult years, but today I consider them the most precious teacher.

As a young girl I wanted to be a doctor to help people and dedicate myself to others, but life circumstances led me to study economics and management. I worked with passion in this field, I met fantastic people from whom I learned so much… but sometimes a hidden dissatisfaction appeared, at first indefinite, then gradually clearer and more frequent: the sensation that this was not what I wanted to do, this was not what could give value to my days.

My truest and deepest desires came to the surface more and more forcefully and in 2018 my body started talking to me by somatizing my malaise in the form of chronic urticaria. After more than eight months, I came across holistic coaching, and soon I discovered mental reprogramming and regression therapy. So I began to explore and get to know these new territories, healing my malaise and opening up to new perspectives. Fascinated by the results, I professionally studied Career Coaching, Life Coaching and Therapeutic Hypnosis, obtaining the necessary accreditations to be able to practice.

I work continuously to expand my consciousness, aware that life is a continuous flow and the process of self-improvement has no end, but consists of continuous adaptation and constant focus.

Every morning I’m curious to find out what the new day will bring. At the end of each day I am grateful for the gifts of life, the experiences I have been given and the people who have given me access to their lives.